What is the perfect Florida NNN Property for You?


     If you have spent any time seriously looking for Florida NNN Properties with a National Credit Tenant, you are probably aware of how difficult the process can be. There are competing buyers from high tax states doing 1031 exchanges and high net worth individuals who enjoy Florida’s personal income tax rate being zero.

 I have known buyers that have put up large non-refundable deposits in order to gain control of a property in a multiple offer environment. I have also had buyers contact me because they were running out of time to identify their 1031 replacement properties that were working with out of state brokers.

 There are thousands of properties offered on the internet at any given time but sorting through the list of properties that are still advertised and no longer available can be difficult to do. Many of the good properties will be under contract before the public even knows they are available.

 Income Realty Advisors is a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in Florida. We offer an exclusive buyer’s brokerage agreement to help our clients access our network of Florida Real Estate Developers. Retailers, Real Estate Investment Trusts, High Net worth Individuals, and some of the best Net Lease Brokers in Florida.

Some brokerage firms will only show you their firm’s inventory. Not us, we want you to be able to choose from as many sources as we can identify to meet your needs. We will research all of our available resources to help you find properties that are in your price range and currently available.


If you are ready to invest in a Florida property, we will do the research and work to help you identify the options that are best for you.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick Moorton


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