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 Why Investors Love Florida NNN Properties

Florida Tax Advantages

Florida has no personal State income Tax, No State Income Tax on Limited Partnerships, and No State Corporate Income Tax on Subchapter S-Corporations. For high earning investors high income tax states, selling and reinvesting in Florida may serve them a considerable amount of money.

Credit Worthy Tenants

Net Lease Properties with National Credit Worth Tenants like Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, McDonald’s and Chase Bank, are available. These properties have long term leases and require little or no daily management. Leases are often guaranteed by corporation with billions of dollars in assets. These are perfect for out of state owners.

New Construction with New Leases Available

Get Access to our relationships with Real Estate Developers, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and High Net worth Individuals with an ongoing pipeline of Florida NNN Properties.

 Income Realty Advisors has access to a wide variety of Florida NNN properties available for purchase.

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Florida NNN News and Insights

Triple Net Leased Properties are Perfect for Investors Who Want Passive Income for Retirement

Florida has no personal state income tax which makes it a favorite place to invest for Institutional Investors and High Net Worth Individuals from all over the World. Single tenant net lease properties with long term leases, credit worthy tenants, and little or no management are the perfect investment vehicle for investors looking for passive income and the state income tax advantages that Florida offers.

Investors From High Tax States Buying Florida NNN Properties

Investors from California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and other high tax States have been aggressively buying single tenant net lease properties throughout Florida. Retailers like 7-Eleven with long term triple net leases and Quick Service Restaurants with drive thru windows are in high demand. 1031 Exchange buyers have been driving the demand by selling in their investments in high tax States and  re-investing in Florida.

 NNN Lease Properties Can Provide Reliable Income for Retirement with Little or No Management

These prime investment properties with long term leases and credit tenants are used often by investors to create income for future generations. Single tenant net leased properties with tenants like JP Morgan Chase, CVS, Walgreens, Bank of America or McDonalds are used by Individual Investors and Institutional Investors to create reliable income streams for retirement and estate planning.